Does solar make sense for 

Manufactured Homes?

Will solar save me money?


  • SDG&E's electricity rates are HIGH!
  • Excellent financing options available
  • Save money your very first month

You are likely aware that San Diego has one of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Is your electric bill higher than about $60 a month? With our financing options, you can save money the very first month after installing a solar system on your mobile / manufactured home!

can you install solar on a manufactured home?


  • Modern manufactured homes are well-constructed
  • Awning installations are an option
  • We can reinforce existing structures safely and easily

Despite what you may have heard, the majority of mobile homes are able to handle a solar system.  It is true that cutting into older asbestos-based roofs is a bad idea, but even in situations like these, other options are possible, for example, installation on the carport awning. With proper and professionally-done reinforcement where necessary, installation of a PV solar system is completely viable.  Give us a call and we will give you an honest appraisal of your options.

What if i'm on a park's central meter?

Solar still can make sense!

If you pay your utility bill direct to the complex where you live, there is a good chance you are on a central meter.  SDG&E bills the complex for the aggregate us of all the residents, and the complex bills you individually for your portion. Does solar still make sense here?

The short answer is yes, especially with higher monthly electric bills. Depending on your use case, solar can still save you money. In this situation, the system has to be sized appropriately and your usage patterns must be evaluated properly. Give us a call and during a simple phone consultation,  we can review your individual circumstances and let you know if a solar system makes sense for you.

Do i still get a tax credit for solar on my manufactured home?

Yes, if you act quickly!

  • Federal Tax Credits are good through 2019!

Currently, there is a federal tax credit of 30% good through the end of 2019. This is real credit, not a deduction.

If you, for example, spend $10,000 (financed or not) this year, you will receive a tax credit lowering your tax bill by $3,000.  It’s like your $10,000 system cost you $7,000.  From a tax credit perspective, there is no difference between a mobile home and a traditional home.