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How QuietCool Works

Open a few windows any time it’s cooler outside than inside, typically in the morning and evening.
Turn your QuietCool fan on by setting the speed and timer
QuietCool pulls in cool, fresh air from outside and expels hot, stale air out attic vents
Your home has now been made cooler, healthier, and more comfortable.
When your QuietCool Whole House Fan is turned on, the fan will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents, replacing the hot, stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 ºF or more.

What is thermal mass cooling?

QuietCool can be used anytime the outside air temperature is lower than the inside temperature. This is key for the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling to work.
Here's an example

When many come home to a stuffy, hot house, what do many do? Since it has already cooled down outside, they open some windows to allow a nice cross-breeze through the home, airing it out and cooling it down. They often will do this instead of turning on their A/C.

When you first get in your car after a hot day, What’s the first thing you do? Open the windows, right? You then drive to allow the breeze to quickly cool off your car’s interior, and once the majority of the pent-up heat is gone, you then roll up your windows to allow the AC to finish bringing the temperature down to a comfortable temperature.

This is very similar to what a whole-house fan does. The technical term is Thermal Mass Cooling.

Tech Talk

The passive cross breeze described above will cool the ambient air to a nice level, but this doesn’t move enough air to cool the mass within the home. The QuietCool fan system turns this passive breeze into an active breeze that moves enough air to remove the accumulated heat from all materials and surfaces within the home.

When correctly sized, a QuietCool system will fully exchange the entire volume of air within a home 15-20 times every hour. This means that every 3 to 4 minutes, you are getting a complete air exchange. This active breeze is the secret to how effective the QuietCool system is. And it is predictable and efficent independent of what direction the air outside is blowing here in San Diego.

Thermal Mass Cooling happens because the QuietCool system is removing the hot, stale, contaminant-laden air with fresh, cool air at a high rate of speed, 15 to 20 times per hour.

Instead of recycling the hot air through a closed-loop A/C system, the QuietCool sytem is exchanging this same hot, stale air with, fresh, cool air throughout the house and attic. All of this is done at a small fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner.

Net Effect of Cooled Mass

A home with its entire mass cooled down does not reheat as much or as quickly as a “hot mass” home. Within a day or two of installing a QuietCool system, homeowners are amazed when they come home after work. It was up to 90 or 100 degrees outside, and they walk into a home that is perhaps 72 to 76 degrees, without running the air conditioner.

This is because the mass of the home, including the walls, floors, attic, and furniture has been kept cool by the QuietCool system, and so did not reheat as rapidly as the home normally would. This amazement is one reason why so many QuietCool sales are made by referral. Our 98.5% customer satisfaction shows that people just love their QuietCool systems.

In our San Diego climate, the benefits are magnified, since we rarely have to deal with extreme temperatures. QuietCool is the ideal solution for Southern California living.

Want to save money and enjoy cleaner air? Turn your A/C off and your QuietCool on!

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